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- Using a flexible measuring tape or a piece of string measure around your dogs head/neck. With all measurements, it is important to ensure you can comfortably slide two fingers under your measuring tape as you would when fitting a collar. If using a piece of string, lay it down flat on a standard measuring tape to get your final measurement.  

- When measuring your dog for Slip or Tag collars, please ensure you measure the widest part of your dogs head, as seen on the image above as point A. These collars will be made to fit, so it is important that the measurements are correct.

- For all other collars, please measure around your dogs neck, where their collar usually sits, as seen on the image above as point B.

- Please do NOT rely measurements taken from your dogs current collar. 

- Due to the custom nature of our products, no refunds will be given for incorrect measurements.


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Please note, these sizes are just a guide for pricing. All slip and tag collars will be made to measure based off the measurements given at the time of purchase. please contact us if you have any questions.

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